What to expect from GMASA 2017, Bangalore

GMASA is one of the biggest events in the mobile app world. It brings together various stakeholders from the mobile app industry onto a single platform. It is also one of the acclaimed award ceremonies recognizing the best mobile app developers out there.

The last edition of GMASA’17 was held in Jakarta. Being the third largest consumer in the South-east Asian mobile industry after China and India, Indonesia welcomed GMASA wholeheartedly. The line-up included some of the top minds in the mobile industry and an audience that consisted of like-minded mobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The event was a great success.

Now it’s Bangalore’s turn to witness the rush of pure thrill for all those nomophobics out there. And the Bangalore edition of GMASA’17 promises to be bigger and better. The venue for the event is Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway like the previous years. More than 5000 mobile enthusiasts ranging from app developers to marketers and young entrepreneurs will be in attendance in this event. With over 100 speakers, 100 partners and 30 exhibitors, GMASA’17, Bangalore sure looks promising.

So why should you attend?

1. Platform for mobile innovations

This is going to be a congregation of people from multiple arenas – Startups And Indie App Developers, Mobile App / Games studios, Media And Marketing Agencies, Mobile Service Providers, OEM Development Platforms, E-commerce Companies. The best of the mobile industry will be present there with their latest products. Innovation is what drives the GMASA team, and it strives towards this by offering a world-class platform to discuss and delve into the things that will shape the future of this industry.

2. Insight into the latest trends

Technology is dynamic, more so in the world of mobile apps. Every other day the market is flooded with something new. But how does one know which idea is worthwhile? GMASA is a great place to be in to get early visibility into the applications that stand at the bleeding edge of technology and will become bigger ideas in the future. All the latest trends of the different aspects of the industry will be covered broadly in this mega event.

3. Platform for mobile app developers

GMASA provides an ideal platform to showcase every aspect of one’s business or service to a diverse audience. It will provide all mobile app developers an opportunity to exhibit and get visibility for their apps, related products and platforms. This will enable them to attain international exposure and sponsorship from marketers, entrepreneurs and investors. It will also aid them to get face-to-face with both existing and potential customers and establish their brand’s reliability and reputation.

4. Panel discussions by the top leaders

The most successful developers, entrepreneurs, marketers will assemble under one roof to initiate some serious discussions on the current state and future possibilities of the mobile industry. GMASA’17 will enable the app developers to know everything from increasing the visibility of their app to increasing the revenue. Attending this event also allows the attendees, especially the developers, to utilize the knowledge and experience of these seasoned panelists and speakers.

5. Best Mobile Apps of the Year

The event will be concluded by an award ceremony recognizing the developers and marketers of the best mobile apps of the year. It fulfills the primary objective of bringing innovative talent to the forefront by presenting them to an impartial jury. Therefore, GMASA allows a platform to the developers, both amateurs and professionals, to be rewarded for their contribution in this industry.

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