The Indie Pitch Fest: What It’s All About

The mobile gaming industry is a competitive space, which means that discoverability is one of the major challenges faced by this section of the industry. Thus was born the idea behind the Indie Pitch Fest. The idea behind Indie Pitch Fest is to tap the unexplored talent within the industry and give these developers a chance for better exposure to a wider audience.

Prior to the fest, 10 entries will be shortlisted for the final pitch from the submissions received through the Pitch Submission Form. The shortlisted developers will the get to pitch their app at the at the Indie Pitch Fest which will take place on 26th January 2017.

The app concept or app will be judged based on a set of criteria, including concept, interface and innovation, to determine three winners.

The winners of the Fest will gain a number of benefits including:

  • Increased Exposure: Increased exposure to a wider audience and potential investors.
  • Increased Promotion: Free PR and promotions for your app through our social media and press coverage.
  • Prizes: Exciting cash prizes to be won by top three contenders.

Here’s a brief rundown of the rules of the Startup Pitch Fest:


  • Submission: The final date for submission is 18th January 2017. Entries should be submitted through this form
  • Language: All entries should be submitted in English only. Supporting documents and material can be in another language.
  • You can submit multiple entries to the Fest.

Final Shortlists:

The final nominees for the Pitch Fest will be notified on 20th January, 2017.

The Pitch Fest:

If your submitted app has been shortlisted for the Pitch Fest, you will get to pitch your app at the GMASA’17 in Jakarta. The Pitch Fest will take place on 26th January 2017.

You will get 15 minutes to present your app to the panel of judges, explaining your app’s concept/function and benefits in detail. While preparing your pitch, make sure you factor in enough time – atleast 5 minutes – for any questions that the panel might have.

You can have a team of 4 members to present the app to the panel.

Come prepared. Make sure you bring your game on a mobile device to demonstrate it to the judges. In addition, bring anything that will aid you with your pitch – business cards, information sheets, stickers, etc..

Following the Pitch Fest, three winners will be chosen by the judges. The winners will receive cash prizes worth $1250, $750 and $500, respectively.

So make your way here and submit your app!

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