Speaker Spotlight: Markku Lepisto, AWS

Markku Lepisto. the APAC Senior Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services (AWS), is one of our keynote speakers at GMASA’16. With a experience of over 14 years in the IT industry, Markku joined AWS in 2013. Throughout his career, he has held many technical and management positions covering R&D, technical support and architecture. Before he joined Amazon, Markku worked at Nokie Siemens Networks, where he worked for 5 years, based out of different locations including China and Finland.

Amazon Web Services was started in 2008, and is a cloud-computing platform offered by Amazon. One of the main benefits of a cloud-computing service is the provision of on-demand access to resources for users and enterprises to achieve coherence and economies of scale. These resources can be shared, and dynamically allocated and reallocated to users with minimal management.

At GMASA’16, Markku Lepisto will share his insights on the concept of mobile applications and game backends that are serverless, and can be scaled to virtually an unlimited number of users. Backed by live demonstrations and code walkhroughs, this session will explore the approach to developing lean and cost-effective real-world mobile applications and games. It will show developers and architects how they can leverage cloud services to authenticate users, store and synchronize data, understand behavior, react upon state changes, test apps and send notifications to app users.

Register now at GMASA to get a chance to hear Markku talk about how you can “Build Scalable Mobile & Game Backends with Serverless, Event-Triggered Logic”. See you there!

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