Speaker Spotlight: Fasai Pongpitaksopon

GMASA is glad to welcome Fasai Pongpitaksopon from Google, who is here in lieu of Sergio Salvador who will, unfortunately, be unable to make it to the event owing to prior commitments.

Fasai is the Strategic Partner Manager at Google. She has been with Search Engine giant for over 4 years. She started her career in Google as an account strategist where she grew small- and medium-sized businesses across South East Asia with Google AdWords. In her current role, she advises strategic partners of Google AdSense and Google AdMob on how to monetize their websites and apps.

Before joining Google, Fasai served as Policy Extern at the Aspen Institute. She has a Bachelor’s in Economics from Knox College in Illinois, and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. She has also worked as a Trade and Investment intern at the UN Economic and Social Comission for Asia and the Pacific for four months.

At GMASA, Fasai will deliver a keynote address titled, “Monetize Users, not Impressions”. Register now at GMASA to hear Ms. Pongpitaksopon speak. We look forward to seeing you there!

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