Places You Can Visit in Jakarta During GMASA’17

Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, is a town that is rich in cultural history. The city of Jakarta is an amalgamation of pre-Colonial, Colonial, and modern culture, making it one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. If you’re in town for the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards, be sure to take a day – before or after the event – to take in the wonder and beauty of the city. Here are a five places in Jakarta that you can visit:

The National Monument (MONAS)
The National Monument, or Monumen Nasional, is an obelisk-shaped tower that stands in the middle of Merdeka Square. The monument symbolises Indonesia’s struggle for Independence from the Dutch Empire. The monument also houses the Freedom Hall where you can view a series of dioramas depicting Indonesia’s struggle for freedom. There is also the Hall of Contemplation where the original Declaration of Independence document is displayed. You can also take an elevator ride to the very top of the monument, from where you’ll be afforded a stunning view of Jakarta’s cityscape.

Jakarta Cathedral
The Jakarta Cathedral, or the Gereja Katedral Jakarta, is a Roman Catholic church that is built in the Neo-Gothic architectural style. The church, which is a remnant of Indonesia’s Colonial history, is located near Merdeka Square, and was built in 1901. The church has three main spires: The Fort of David, The Ivory Tower and the Angelus Dei Tower. The church is a must-visit for those who love history and architecture.

Istiqlal Mosque
The Istiqlal Mosque – which means “Independence Mosque” – is the largest mosque in South-east Asia. It was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence from Colonial forces in 1978. The mosque is built in the International style of architecture, and has seven entrances, each named after the names of God in Islam. The mosque stands opposite to the Jakarta Cathedral.

Kota Tua
Kota Tua, which means “Old Town Jakarta” is a historical neighbourhood that was once known as Batavia during the European occupation. Once the commercial centre of Dutch-occupied Jakarta, today Kota Tua forms but a small part of this bustling town. But despite that, the place is the site for some of Jakarta’s top visitor sites including the Jakarta History Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Bank Indonesia Museum and Glodok (Chinatown).

Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands is a chain of 110 islands that is located to the north of Jakarta’s main coast. The islands are one of Indonesia’s top ecological and marine conservation regions, and are home to the Thousand Islands Marine National Park. In addition, the islands are perfect spots for snorkelling, diving and fishing enthusiasts.

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