Panel Focus: Mobile Apps For Social Good

While mobile apps taking over nearly every aspect of our daily existence can seem like a leery prospect for some, there shouldn’t be a need to think in those terms; especially when this shift can be leveraged to aid and support social causes, whether they are for various charities, educational efforts, or health and well-being. At GMASA’16, our panelists will sit down to discuss the various ways in which app and game developers can develop apps and games that can tie in or directly support social causes.

Meet the Panelists:

Apichai Sakulsureeyadej – Apichai Sakulsureeyadej is the CEO at MSL Technology, an award-winning software company and the founder of Tourism Technology Association (TTA). The TTA is a collaboration of the most important government and private organizations in the Tourism and ICT industries, that works to strengthen the ASEAN region’s Tourism industry through research, innovations, and dialogues within these industries. Apichai is considered as a major force in driving the e-tourism industry in Thailand and ASEAN region. Apichai has been a recognized by multiple institutions for his work, including the Australian Embassy Entrepreneur Award 2014, Hewlett Partner of the Year 2014, and ASEANTA Excellence Award for Best Tourism Marketing within the region.

Chris Krol – Chris Krol is an entrepreneur who has founded over 14 startups in the last 15 years. He began his first venture at the age of 18, and has sense built a wealth of experience in a number of areas including e-commerce, international trade and consulting. The LingLing app is an educational app that teaches users to learn languages. The app has over a million users, and has since been included in a package for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablets in Europe. Through TingTong apps, another of his startups which is based in Thailand, Chris has developed an English learning app that is being used by Thai students to read and write English with ease. The Amazing90Days program is an innovative learning platform through which users are led through a 90-day educational program with the help of a trainer, in order to effect changes in their lifestyle, finances and simple management skills.

Djoann Fal – Djoann Fal is the CEO and founder of GetLinks, the biggest tech talent platform in SEA. Through GetLinks, coders, designers, business & digital marketers can connect with tech and digital companies and find opportunities to grow within the digital economy. They successfully organised the Startup Job Festival in Bangkok in partnership with Google, LINE, Uber and several other companies. Prior to starting GetLinks, Djoann worked with Rocket Internet GmbH in Mobile and Social Media Marketing for Rocket’s SEA branch.

Pisal Setthawong – Pisal Setthawong is the Assistant Chairperson at Assumption University. Having been a part of Thailand’s gaming industry since its early days, Pisal is a game-development educator who has founded the Thai Game Developer Corner (TGDC), the largest local game developer group and co-founded PIGSSS games, a local game development company.

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