Balai Kartini: All About The Venue

On 26th January, 2017, a host of entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, developers, and investors, will congregate under the roof of Balai Kartini, one of Jakarta’s largest exhibition and convention centers. The center, which spans over 46 sqm in area, includes a round theater-style hall, exhibition halls, a spacious main lobby, VIP rooms and lounges, and 6 further meeting rooms which can be configured to match specific event requirements.

The venue is a popular location for a number of tech events, and is strategically located near one of the Jakarta Inner Ring Road, a toll-road which runs around the city of Jakarta. The convention center has a number of meeting rooms with customizable areas, which makes it an ideal space for GMASA’s main event, which will include keynote speeches and panel discussions pertaining to the latest trends in the mobile industry. In addition, the center also boasts a 3.5 sqm exhibition hall where leading app developers and companies can showcase their products and services.

Come, and be a part of this one-day event in the heart of the Indonesian capital on 26th January, 2017! You can register for the event here.

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