5 Compelling Reasons to Attend GMASA’17, Jakarta

Come January, the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards will arrive at Jakarta for a day of discussions, networking, and even, fun! Tech summits and conferences present a wealth of opportunity when it comes to networking and forging business relationships. And yes, GMASA will be no exception to that. With a lineup that includes some of the mobile industry’s top minds and an audience that primarily consists like-minded mobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, the event presents a strong incentive for attendance to anyone who’s looking to venture into the industry.

Here are 5 compelling incentives to attend GMASA’17 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Stay On Top Of The Latest Trends

It’s a well-known fact that the mobile industry is a landscape with a constantly changing topography. New mobile trends continue to shape the industry each passing day, which can make it feel like a daunting prospect for those who are looking to make it big. At GMASA, we have put together an agenda that broadly addresses the latest trends that are prevalent in the industry right from mobile commerce, alternate realities, mobile advertising, mobile security and lots more.

Benefit From The Experience Of Those Who’ve Successfully Scaled The Ladder

App market-watchers have postured that success of an app or mobile startup in the industry is largely dependent on how unique an app or idea is from its peers, and the ability of the developer or business owner to know how to play the market stakes to their advantage. GMASA’s line-up of speakers and panellists includes some of the most successful entrepreneurs who have successfully stayed ahead of the curve and tasted success in the industry. Attending GMASA, therefore, brings you within reach of these trailblazers who have a wealth of experience and ideas to share with those who feel daunted by the challenges in the industry.

Step Out Of The Boundaries Of Your Knowledge

As stated before, new mobile technologies trends are constantly shaping and reshaping the market. Staying on top of new innovations and trends is a necessity, and learning to leverage these trends into new concepts and ideas is imperative. At GMASA, developers and business owners can broaden their scope of knowledge of the latest buzz and trends in the industry through insightful speeches, discussions and the exhibition that will showcase the innovations and ideas of some of the leading players in the industry.

Maximise Your Immersion Into Everything the Mobile Industry Has To Offer

The exhibition at GMASA will feature 30 stalls from prominent mobile innovators across the world. These stalls will feature some of the best products and services that are currently taking the industry by storm. Attendees will have a chance to learn from and experience these innovations for their own.

Innovations Take Centre-Stage

One of GMASA’s primary aims was to bring promising, innovative talent to the forefront, to present their ideas to an impartial jury. GMASA strives to reward and help these innovators get a leg up in the industry. To achieve this, GMASA is also hosting an event exclusively for indie and new app researchers to experience firsthand the knowledge that is shared in and during the event.

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