The Pitch Zone: The Student App Fest


In little over a month, the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai will play host to one of the biggest app events in India this year. On 28th and 29th May, this prestigious 5-star hotel located in the heart of Chennai, will see the industry’s leading entrepreneurs, marketers and executives converge at GMASA – Global Mobile App Summit and Awards. This unique 2-day event has a line-up of speeches, panels and meet-ups that will center on the latest trends in the mobile industry and their impact.

Understanding that there are a lot of benefits to be gained from the event, the organizers at GMASA have introduced a means for student developers and entrepreneurs to find their footing in the ever-growing industry: The Pitch Zone.

So what is the Pitch Zone? The Pitch Zone is a program that GMASA has set up to allow developers and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and apps to venture capitalists and investors, and turn those ideas into solid plans Read on to know about how our Pitch Zone can benefit student developers.

The Student App Fest will give promising and talented student developers the opportunity to showcase innovative and original apps or app ideas. They will also get a chance to put their apps on the map or get their ideas off the ground with the help of an angel investor. The Student App Fest, therefore, provides a number of advantages for student developers.

If you are a student developer who is looking for an opportunity to turn your app or app idea into reality, here’s how the Student App Fest can help:


As stated before, student developers can pitch their ideas to angel investors and if they are successful, can get the chance to obtain a much-needed financial backing from interested investors. With the required capital in place, developers will get one foot up the ladder of success in an industry that continues to be increasingly competitive with each passing day.


The Student App Fest will put deserving students in the spotlight, exposing them to potential backers and investors within the industry. All applicants will get a fighting chance to find investors in the future through the exposure gained during the event.

Networking with Peers:

The App Fest will bring together students from different institutions across the country. They can forge connections that could set the groundwork for future collaborations.


The students will also benefit from the first-hand experience of how the industry works and the expectations and potential pitfalls that come with working and being involved in the mobile app industry.


Students will be able to interact and exchange ideas with their peers, and thereby broaden the scope of their innovations. They can mutually draw fresh inspiration through these exchanges.


Applicants can jump-start their career in the mobile industry by successfully setting their ideas for apps into motion or by getting their apps on track. With a sound backing from an angel investor and the benefit of mentorship from these investors, talented developers can gain enough traction in their careers right from the get-go.


As GMASA is set to bring together some of the world’s leading experts in the field, students can take advantage of a grand opportunity to meet and interact with them. Drawing inspiration from those who have successfully risen to the top can be an enriching experience for students who have applied for the GMASA Student App Fest.

So, if you are a student who feels intimidated by what lies ahead, and need a boost in your career, submit your ideas or apps to the Fest now. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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