GMASA Bangkok — What To Expect

GMASA 2016 Bangkok will retain the spirit of the inaugural GMASA summit held in May 2015, but will be grander and more international in nature. In keeping with the global theme of the Summit, GMASA 2016 will be held in Bangkok, a hub of international business, one of the world’s top tourist destinations and the capital of Thailand.

GMASA 2016 will be held on January 22, 2016 at the iconic Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit hotel in Bangkok. The Summit will see industry pioneers, investors, head honchos of multi-million dollar companies and app developers converge under the same roof. Along with panel discussions and speeches by keynote speakers, the Summit will also have an exhibition featuring the latest innovations in the industry which will indicate the future direction of mobile. GMASA 2016 will also give participants an idea of how to thrive in an ever-crowded marketplace.

As with GMASA 2015, one of the most important features of GMASA 2016 will be the networking opportunities for delegates to get to know thought leaders, experienced investors, powerful executives and brilliant developers.

The day’s events will broadly cover the areas of Mobile Game Development, App Monetization, App Analytics, App Security and App Marketing. Some of the topics that will be discussed at the summit — with many more exciting topics to be added — are ‘Games for Wearables – Solving the Mystery’, ‘Mobile Game Development – Future and Ahead’, ‘Localization – Key for Success in the Emerging Markets’ and ‘How to Make Incentivized Installs Work For Your Game’.

GMASA 2015, the inaugural edition of the Summit, set the bar high, from discussing trends in the industry to debating where mobile is headed in the short to medium term to how to adapt and succeed in the changing business environment. GMASA 2016 Bangkok aims to meet the standards laid by the inaugural Summit, and surpass it.

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