Takeaways From GMASA 2015

GMASA 2015, held in Chennai, was a resounding success and threw up a much clearer picture of the mobile market for both participants and viewers. Some of those include:

Networking: Spoilt For Choice
With a guest list that saw the convergence of the who’s who of the mobile world under the same roof, delegates at GMASA 2015 could take their pick from industry leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs or app developers when they wanted to make small talk.

Importance Of Studying User Behavior
The importance of studying and understanding user behavior trends in mobile, which affects a multitude of variables in the industry, was debated in-depth at the summit. Keynote speakers and panelists with varied expertise debated topics like the Cost of Acquisition of a User, Attraction and Retention of Users, Using Data-driven Analytics, etc.

c. Future Of Monetization In Mobile
The summit dealt with the crucial issue of monetization in mobile by addressing different elements of it like advertising, mobile analytics, valuation, payment gateway etc.

d. SAARC Countries And China Are The Future Of Mobile
Many speakers at GMASA 2015 touched upon the telecommunication revolution taking place in SAARC countries as well as the smartphone revolution that is transforming China. There was wide agreement that these developments mean the future of mobile is in this region rather than in North America or Europe.

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