Bangalore: The Mobile and Startup Haven

As we gear up for GMASA’s third edition in Bangalore, we come to you with a post on why we chose India’s Silicon Valley to be our next host.

Bangalore has long been hailed as the tech hub of this country, and today, the city ranks among the top startup ecosystems in the world in 2015, according to Compass. Compass rated cities based on five key factors: Performance, Funding, Market Reach, Talent and Startup Experience. According to the report, Bangalore is 6th among startup ecosystems in terms of access to venture capital. Similarly, owing to the number of startups and their valuation and growth rates, Bangalore came 10th in the overall rankings for performance.

From a city that was once largely an outsourcing hub, Bangalore has now emerged a startup haven, largely owing to a generation of entrepreneurs that have fuelled a growth of innovations across multiple areas including e-commerce and social connectivity. In consequence, Bangalore has also become a focal point for prospective developers and coders looking to gain a foothold within the increasingly explosive mobile market.

Here’s a look at some of the ways in which Bangalore continues to push the boundaries of tech and mobile innovation, and a primary reason why the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards is headed to Bangalore this July.

  • Apple recently announced an initiative to foster engineering talent and innovative growth in India’s iOS developer community, by setting up a Design and Development Accelerator program in Bangalore. This initiative will offer additional support for India’s burgeoning community of iOS developers through instruction and training on best practices and helping them transform their app ideas into reality.
  • CREO, a Bangalore-based startup has launched its first smartphone, the CREO Mark 1. The smartphone which will run on a proprietary OS, called FUEL OS, which is based on Android.
  • Lookup, the startup which launched a chat-based local commercial app has now launched its merchant app, Merchant Biz. The app will allow businesses to track their customers, and interact with their customers.
  • Chronosphere Technologies has launched the country’s first-ever mobile chat personal travel booking service, Nomadly. The service allows customers to query the app with their travel requirements, to which the app will present them a number of booking options. The app aims at providing a stress-free travel experience by providing booking services for flights, trains, buses, cabs and hotels.

So, mark your calendars for July 6th and 7th, and head over to India’s Silicon Valley for an experience of a lifetime, where you can rub shoulders with some of the big representatives of the industry and meet like-minded individuals who are looking to jump-start their app journey.

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